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Security By Design
Threat / Risk Assessment for IoT / IoV products

iSecMaster IoT Security Detector

WiFi / BLE / ZigBee Signal detect un-approved devices and behaviors in Smart Factory / Hospital fields

ISecMaster V2X Security Detector

WiFi / BLE / ZigBee / DSRC RF Signal
detect un-approved devices and abnormal behavior in V2X Fields
Tampering of data in transit (MitM)
Tampering of data at rest
Tampering of software functionalities
Denial of service
Jamming (DoS) of communication channels
Jamming (DoS) of signals
Spoofing of signals

IoT Honeypot

Gather information about the motives and tactics of attackers by luring them into interacting with the system.
IoT Honeypot: detect file, process, network behaviors
IoT FakeAP: simulate WiFi AP / IPCamera


OpenWRT Compatible SDK for IOT Security detect API for statistics, tracking, integrate with CCTV video analysis

5G Security

Local 5G / Private 5G
5G Base Station DDoS Early Detect
5G MEC Honeypot
5G ORAN Security Design

Understand our golden rule to face the cyber risks

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V2X / IoV Joint Cyber Security Defense iSecV Detector: an isolated add-on box, used to detect DSRC / C-V2X signals, and to analyze un-approved signal sources using the whitelisting mechanism. In addition, it is able to detect abnormal behaviors, for example, Tampering of data in (MitM), Jamming (DoS) of communication channels, Jamming (DoS) of signals, Spoofing of signals, Spoofing of GPS messages (including coordinates, time, signals), and so on..., by using machine learning methods. iSecV will be placed inside the Buses and RSUs, and communicate with the Traffic Center through an independent 4G Channel.

Our team has the development experience of Internet solutions and security tools :

  • APP Auto assessment platform with SSDLC
  • IOT solution:
  • Microprogrammed control unit for an electric vehicle, backend co-management platform, livestock farming, smart grid, street light, Long-term care, factory inspection, and RF signal detection for internet device and internet packet analysis.
  • The cybersecurity assessment service for IoT/IoV product scenarios
  • Security By Design: Introducing the secure software development lifecycle for cybersecurity products
  • Cyber-safe function library
  • The research and development of cybersecurity assessment tool for V2X, IIOT 4, ICS, SCADA

IoT Security

IoT Honeypot

V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) Security

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Security

5G Security

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iSecMaster IoT/V2X

IoT/V2X Field Security
Early warning surveillance system

iSecMaster monitors the RF signals (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and DSRC) to detect un-approved devices and abnormal behaviors. It provides early warning to the unexpected incidents, and integrate the threat intelligence. These features will make the site security more specific and accurate.Support API integrate to SIEM / miniSOC / Call Center.


SOAPA ( Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture)

The module of implementing the Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture

Cyber Sec CMDB View

Vulnerability Lifecycle management

ISAC notification management

Response knowledge database


ISMAR AR Kit- iSecMaster

Intellectual information security management platform with AR interface

Install AR interface software to the glasses or tablets to achieve instant remote guidance, capturing the information of the details, records and any related information. It improves the efficiency and completeness of solving cybersecurity cases with coordination.

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